Monday, May 28, 2012

Finding Comfort With Yourself

Whattup!?!   Summer is heeeere~ and its off to a rough start for some haha.....

For some reason, this year have been rough for my family, friends, and myself.  Everybody got their own stories to tell, and the majority of them are not feeling all their best.  I've convinced myself, that through these rough times, I will be strong for my loved ones and to develop myself into a better person (So I could survive another one of these depressing moments haha).  I want to become a strong enough person for them to lean on, and help them get back on with life. One of the keys to happiness is to love yourself.  By loving yourself, you will find peace, and you'll discover that you're not alone.  You know that phrase "Me, Myself, and I?"... As crazy as I sound, I feel like the only person that could be your best friend till the end of time is YOURSELF.
An extra bonus...If a person is to be fully happy and comfortable with his/herself, they open more doors for many great things to enter their lives.  Stay strong, guys!! Work hard! ~ It really does get better. You've worked way too hard to give up!!

 Lots of love,

If you don't have that amount of hair to do what she's doing.. uumm... Find a friend to share a hug with~.....or get a wig. CHEERS!


  1. dawww stan! this is so preety! and very inspiring words C:

  2. Ooh, I want hair like that too, You know, actually many people think like that, that the only person who can be your best friend is yourself, and as depressing as it is, it's because we've all sort of realised you can't depend on anyone. But as much as you say you want to be strong enough for others to lean on, it is good to let yourself open up and fall and lean on someone too, someone you can trust ofcourse. Just like how someone can trust you to catch them when they are down. Anyway, keep up the good work! much love xx