Saturday, November 19, 2011

Royal Winter Fair Drawings

Our new life drawing teacher wanted use to experiment with different mediums. On top of that, he allowed us to add some personalities to our studies.  Spent 6 hours in a farm convention...had a nice big poutine... came out smelling like a farm... Life was great :D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A little house for people who loves the sky. This was a 'work in progress' before the gouache painting

Year 2

Woooohooo!! The first semester of Yr2 was absolutely exciting. Seeing familiar faces, newly renovated studios,pulling late nights, crazy socializing, and seeing progress in everybody's work.  Our second year started off where we ended in first year, but the workload is more CRAZY! Everything is great, but our degree requires us to take literature courses  with essay and presentation components... I guess its a breath of fresh air from drawing...but when you have to write essays about theories and English literature during our hell week (when most art projects are due), the breath of fresh air stinks! Other than essays, the literature courses could be interesting from time to time.
As expected, our new instructors are wonderful.  They are well experienced in their profession, and they are willing to share every knowledge they know about the industry/tips and tricks/personal life IF you sit down and talk with them.  Animators love talking about what they know!  The instructors this year are also very lenient with our creativity.  Most of our projects are more open ended, rather than following a set rule (which is actually more difficult D: ).
I haven't been updating this blog for a while, but hopefully this year I'll grow some more as an artist, and share some quality work with you. I wish everyone a wonderful year! CHEERS! Always work hard in everything you do :)