Thursday, November 18, 2010


She also has a buddy nurse.. but I didn't get to draw her for this project.

Royal Winter Fair

I won't blame the animals for moving around.. I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRAW ANIMALS.(30sec - 5min studies... and a bit more)

We smelled like a farm after 9 hours of drawing in the farm convention... and we ironically went for a meat galore at Korean BBQ restaurant after drawing these cute farm animals. I'm also vegetarian!! How funny is that?! I had my vege-bibimbap. By the end of the night, with the combination of farm smell and Korean BBQ smell, my friend said we smelt like Chinese food... It was a fun day :D

Hands and feet

Moooore Paintings!!

I'm starting to enjoy painting with gouache. Hopefully I could apply this to my crappy digital painting skills D: . We shall see if there's gonna be progress!! The one of the top is our cloud painting project. The bottom is an imaginary ball with imaginary light source ...oooooo Spooky