Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yaaay first life drawing post.. EVER

 This is by far, the best project given to us in life drawing!!! So much fun

And have a good night :D

**Medium: Pen,watercolour,calligraphy brush, my fingers ...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Roughs: The Big Miscake

Sooo I couldn't get my toonboom to open my working file.. so I'm just going to post up whatever I have. Hope you'll enjoy =)

Monday, July 30, 2012

CSU Summer Arts Animation

So I just came back from a wonderful trip in Monterey, California!~  It was an animation intensive course, where we focused on making a character performance piece.  We had amazing instructors on how to act, and how to make our characters more alive/believable.  We had guest speaks from Dreamworks, and we were also surrounded by talented students who are motivated about animation.  Over all experience....AMAAZING.   We had to do a 30second animation piece within the span of 2 weeks.  It was pretty much impossible, but it really pushed us.  I'm going to miss the people I've met, and best of luck to you guys! Hope we could all meet again in the industry...or a party...or both ...Hahahaha! CHEERS!

Here is my favourite frame from my animation.  A mini preview!~  And I dedicate this to Matt, since  he asked for it.  When I finish the roughs for this scene, I'll post up the film. Hopefully really soon ~

Monday, May 28, 2012

Finding Comfort With Yourself

Whattup!?!   Summer is heeeere~ and its off to a rough start for some haha.....

For some reason, this year have been rough for my family, friends, and myself.  Everybody got their own stories to tell, and the majority of them are not feeling all their best.  I've convinced myself, that through these rough times, I will be strong for my loved ones and to develop myself into a better person (So I could survive another one of these depressing moments haha).  I want to become a strong enough person for them to lean on, and help them get back on with life. One of the keys to happiness is to love yourself.  By loving yourself, you will find peace, and you'll discover that you're not alone.  You know that phrase "Me, Myself, and I?"... As crazy as I sound, I feel like the only person that could be your best friend till the end of time is YOURSELF.
An extra bonus...If a person is to be fully happy and comfortable with his/herself, they open more doors for many great things to enter their lives.  Stay strong, guys!! Work hard! ~ It really does get better. You've worked way too hard to give up!!

 Lots of love,

If you don't have that amount of hair to do what she's doing.. uumm... Find a friend to share a hug with~.....or get a wig. CHEERS!

More digipainting Layouts

Yes...I've been painting many Asian themed things. This is a painting for my layout assignment.  We had to choose an ancient era. So I chose ancient China ~ Still struggling with digi-painting, BUT I SHALL MASTER IT!! D: <

Friday, April 27, 2012

Muzzle Sync

I love Sue Sylvester! So decided to do my muzzle sync with her line.  I enjoyed the first half of the acting... Then I just progressively got lazier after :P. Spent waaaay too long in front of the tablet!!! >_<

Asian Kingdom - "Red Stone Eating Post" :P

Well some advice from some 4th years who are graduating this year. "Find something  you're passion about, and just draw it!"  ALRIGHTY! NOODLE SHOP!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIgital Painting Practice!!

We're finally going to start some digital painting this semester!  Jean was nice enough to give me some tips on our digi-painting session.  Thanks thanks!!  Here are some photo studies~  Hope I'll improve some more D:<